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How it works

Check before you park

Use the dashboard map to check previous vehicle crimes in your vicinity. Is there somewhere safer to park that’s not such a crime hot-spot?

Safe Parking Structures

Not sure where to park? Check car park features before you travel. If you are the victim of crime, report it via the app so others know if it’s really safe - more reports mean more data to protect the Heedful community.

Check In

Coming soon! For certain vehicles - such as motorcycles - once parked at a location, Heedful will create a geo-fence around your vehicle and alert fellow members parked nearby with security updates. Remember to add your vehicle to the virtual garage.

Earn Heedful Points

Checking in and out earns Heedful points, that can be used to redeem offers and access exclusive member benefits.

Why Heedful?

Heedful uses real time community data as a PREVENTATIVE measure against vehicle crime; allowing you to know what’s been going on in an area, before you park there.

  • More peace of mind while your vehicle is left unattended
  • A network of members, serious about security
  •     Real time data so you know what’s going on around your vehicle
  •     Useful reviews and reported incidents about parking in your area

With Heedful you're in safe hands


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Heedful introduces the concept of crowd security.
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